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Click on the arrow to see the toy of the month and plans to make this toy.

Every month, our toy chairman, John Kneebone, will have another toy and packet of toy parts and directions to make and donate a wooden toy for a child in need.

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Remote Toy Maker Program
Published on: 12/19/2018
This is another way that a member can make toys.


2018 Preliminary Member Survey Results
Published on: 1/17/2019
This article provides the preliminary results of the 2018 Member Survey created by the CIWW Education Committee Chaired by Robert Decker
CIWW Resource List for Toy Building
If you are making toys for the club, please look at this section to see club toy guidelines, a supply list of toy parts, a label for your box of new toys, and a list of categories to store the toys in the warehouse.