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Notice of Amendment to the CIWW Bylaw

Robert Decker, President  | Published on 9/27/2019

In September 2019, the CIWW Board of Directors adopted a series of changes to the CIWW Bylaws.  These changes are shown below in both a Marked-Up Version and a Final Amendment Version.  These documents are filed here on September 27  2019 for consideration by all CIWW members.

These amendments to the Bylaws were offered to the membership's consideration and adoption at the Annual Meeting scheduled for October 16, 2019, and approved by all members  

You  can see these new changes below:

Marked Up Version of the CIWW Bylaw

        The Marked Up Version is an copy of the existing CIWW Bylaws with a copy of the changes made with the amendments so you can see how the document will be changed.
         To see the Marked Up Version, pleased click on the attached document:  Marked Up By-Law Amendments w edits.doc

Changes to the Existing CIWW Bylaws

          To see the Changes to the Existing CIWW Bylaws by themselves, please click on the attached document:  2019 Proposed Amendment to the CIWW Bylaws Sept 26, 2019 Final

Further information of the reasons for and implications of these changes can be obtained by contacting your CIWW President at or cell 1/317/727-2874